About Brian Makris:

"It's exciting to see someone at the closing table for the first time buying their first house. I like helping people plan their future. By helping to put together a good long-term plan for them, I try to help my clients think further than the next month or next year. We look at things differently here at RMS, and understand what the client needs."

Brian Makris has nearly 15 years of experience in the world of mortgages. After working at an insurance company for five years, where he served as sales manager, Brian easily transitioned into the mortgage industry. He worked for several regional lending institutions before his team became a part of Residential Mortgage Services. Here Brian helps clients plan for their future; considering more than just next month or next year, but creating a solid plan for the long-term. He studied at New Hampshire College and McIntosh College, earning an associate's degree in marketing. Brian also completed several executive training courses. In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing tennis and basketball year-round, as well as spending time with his two children.

Brian is ranked amongst the Top 1% of originators across America in 2017 by Mortgage Executive Magazine (Mortgage Executive Magazine Spring 2018 Issue.)